Familiar systems

Systems that are/were used in production environment or tested

Used symbols
green - used in production environment
orange - heavily tested
yellow - tested
cyan - just had a look
 ! - preferred system

  green Linux Slackware
  green! Linux Debian
    + custom package creation
  green Linux Redhat
  orange various mini-Linux distributions
  yellow Linux Ubuntu
  yellow Linux OpenSuSE
  yellow Linux Mandrake
  yellow Solaris 8
  yellow FreeBSD
  cyan OpenBSD
  green Apache
    + mass virtual hosting
  green + PHP
    + various PHP scripts/pages
  green + FrontPage Extensions
Mail servers    
  green Sendmail
  green! Qmail
  green + vmailmgr local delivery
  green + vpopmail/vchpw local delivery
  green + LDAP patches
  green + Qmail-Scanner (antivirus and spamassasin integration)
  green + Simscan (antivirus and spamassasin integration)
  green + Antispam features
  green Procmail filtering integration with sendmail, qmail and postfix
  green UW-IMAP
  green! Courier IMAP
  green! NaSMail Webmail interface
  green SquirrelMail Webmail interface
  green Sqwebmail Webmail interface
  green IMP Webmail interface
  green MySQL
  yellow PostgreSQL
  yellow Sybase SQL Anywhere
  green OpenSSH
  orange custom SSL certificates and authorities
  green SSL tunnel between non-SSL Win9x client and non-SSL internal host (SQL server)
  green Ipsec FreeSwan
  green + Linux Freeswan RoadWarior (dynamic IP, public key auth)
  orange + SSH Sentinel Win9x client
  orange + PGPNet freeware Win9x client (shared pass auth)
  green Linux Ipchains
  green Linux Iptables
  yellow Solaris SunScreen Lite
  green Junkbuster/privoxy
  green Squid
  green Dante Socks proxy
File Servers    
  green Samba
  green + PDC features
  green BigBrother
  green MRTG
  orange BigSister
  yellow NetSaint/Nagios
  green! Gnome
  green KDE
  green! Mozilla
  green GIMP
  green Emacs
  green OpenOffice
  orange AbiWord
  green Zend Studio and Zend Platform
  green LVM2 (Linux)
  green Bacula
  green VMWare Free Server